Career Coaching - Exploration & Development

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Career Coaching                  

  • Are you feeling dissatisfied in your current job? 

  • No longer challenged in a meaningful way? 

  • Unsure about which career or job is right for you? 

  • Ready to promote and develop within your career field or organization? 

Our Career Exploration and Development Service provides one-on-one coaching in a safe and supportive environment.

Whether you are interested in exploring who you are as a professional, the types of jobs that are best suited for your personality and needs, or motivated to promote and develop within your current field, we have the experience and are ready to assist!

Where: In-person (Portland, Oregon metro area), Skype video or via Phone.

How often: In order to reach your goals, we recommend coaching sessions no less than twice per month; however, we do offer flexibility to accommodate your schedule and needs. Each session is 50 minutes in length. $150/session

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